ACT- DDP project: final workshops in Brazil and Mexico

The ACT-DDP project aims to support the low-carbon transition of high emitting sectors in Mexico and Brazil. This 2-year collaboration enabled the construction of bottom-up sectoral pathways for Mexico’s urban public transport sector, Brazil’s meat production sector, and cement and power generation sectors in both countries, ans well as the assessment of 20 key Brazilian and Mexican companies’ low-carbon strategies and transition plans among these sectors against these pathways.

Aiming to connect relevant actors at the national level, a final workshop in each country will present the results of the project, in addition to discussing the challenges of the private and public sectors for the transition to a low carbon economy with a broad audience of associations, companies, academics, and public authorities.

Find out more details about the events on April the 20th in Mexico City and April the 27th in Sao Paulo here.