1. Overview of the site

This document provides users of https://www.actinitiative.org/ with information on the different parties involved in the creation and follow-up of the site:

Owner and publisher: Pursuant to the provisions of Article 6-I(1) of Law no. 2004-575 of 21 June 2004 on confidence in the digital economy, the publisher of https://www.actinitiative.org/ is Agence de la Transition Ecologique (ADEME). ADEME is a state-funded industrial and commercial establishment (EPIC) governed by Articles L.131-3 to L.131-7 and R.131-1 to R.131-26 of the French Environmental Code, whose registered office is located at:

20, Avenue du Grésillé BP 90406
49004 Angers Cedex 01, France
Tel: +33 (0)2 41 20 41 20

registered in the Angers Trade Register under the no. 385 290 309, represented by Sylvain WASERMAN, acting in his capacity as Chairman of the board of directors.

Publishing Director: The Publishing Director is Mr Sylvain WASERMAN acting in his capacity as legal representative of ADEME.

The person responsible for access to administrative documents and for questions relating to the reuse of information is Mr Luc Morinière in his capacity as Head of the Legal Department.

Host: The service provider in charge of the direct and permanent storage of https://www.actinitiative.org/ is OVH SAS, 2 rue Kellermann, 59100 Roubaix.

User: anyone who browses on, reads, views, and/or uses the site https://www.actinitiative.org/ and its services.

Creator: The creator of https://www.actinitiative.org/ is PHILABS, 29 Rue Ramus, 75020 Paris, France.

2. Acceptance of the terms of use of the site and the services offered

By using the site https://www.actinitiative.org/, Users hereby agree to comply fully with the general terms of use set out below. These terms of use may be amended or changed at any time. Users of https://www.actinitiative.org/ are therefore asked to read them on a regular basis.

Users acknowledge that they have read the terms of use at the time of connecting to the site www.actinitiative.org and expressly agree to comply with them in full.

3. Description of services provided

The purpose of the site https://www.actinitiative.org/ is to provide information on all aspects of the services provided by Accelerate Climate Transition, in particular the latest news about the climate strategies for businesses, ACT expertise and support, local programs at national level, community of users, resources results.

ACT INITIATIVE strives to keep the information on https://www.actinitiative.org/ as accurate as possible. However, it cannot be held liable for omissions, inaccuracies, failures to update, or any other shortcomings whether caused by itself or by third-party partners who provide it with this information.

All the information available at https://www.actinitiative.org/ is given for information purposes only and may change at any time. The information provided at https://www.actinitiative.org/ is not exhaustive. This information may have changed since it was published online.

4. Site availability

ACT INITIATIVE strive to ensure access to the site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in case of force majeure or an event that is outside ACT INITIATIVE’s control, and subject to any outages and maintenance operations that may be necessary to ensure that the site and its services function smoothly.

Therefore, ACT INITIATIVE cannot guarantee the availability of the site and/or services, the reliability of transmission, or its performance in terms of response time or quality. No technical assistance shall be provided to users either electronically or by telephone.

ACT INITIATIVE cannot be held liable in case of any inability to access the site and/or use the services.

ACT INITIATIVE may need to interrupt access to the site or a part of its services at any time without advance notice and without owing compensation to users. Users hereby acknowledge and agree that ACT INITIATIVE is not responsible for any interruptions and the consequences thereof for users or third parties.

5. Hyperlinks

ADEME accepts no liability relating to the content of sites accessed through hyperlinks.

Any public or private site is entitled to provide a link to information hosted by ADEME without advance notice or authorisation. However, the pages of https://www.actinitiative.org/ must not be embedded within the pages of another site.

Any site may validly place a hyperlink with the exception of sites disseminating information of a controversial, pornographic, or xenophobic nature or which may, in general, be deemed offensive to the general public.

The site https://www.actinitiative.org/ giving access to other sites, whether or not they belong to the ADEME, likely to have their own terms of use, which should be read and complied with.

6. Browsing cookies

The website https://www.actinitiative.org/ uses cookies to allow you to benefit from the services offered by the website such as browsing capabilities, optimisation of site use, or personalisation of the site