Public consultations

ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition methodologies for Cement, Oil & Gas and Transport sectors are open for public consultation. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the only international initiative of the UNFCCC secretariat Global Climate Agenda developing sectoral methodologies as an accountability framework to assess how companies’ strategies and actions contribute to […]

Methodologies roadtest

The ACT initiative is launching the road-test of the ACT methodologies (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) for Cement, Oil & Gas and Transport (transport operators and providers of transport services, for passengers and goods) sectors. This road-test will allow participating companies to benefit from a free assessment of their climate strategies, completed by an ACT-trained consultant, and […]

World Benchmarking Alliance operationalising ACT methodologies

 WBA is developing amongst others the Climate and Energy Benchmark to accelerate the global decarbonisation and energy transformation. By using the Assessing low-Carbon Transition methodologies, this benchmark measures and ranks the most influencial companies across high-emitting industries, including automotive, electric utilities, and oil and gas. The Automotive Benchmark (December 2019) presents the key findings and […]