[COP 28] ACT Adaptation and ACT Finance at COP28

The ACT team has participated at COP28 to present ACT Adaptation and ACT Finance methodologies.

  • ACT Adaptation :
    • “Managing the inevitable: How companies are appropriating adaptation issues in their strategies in a credible way?”
    • Presented and moderated by Stephia Latino Physical risks project manager from ADEME
    • Speakers : Romain Poivet, Climate Engagement Manager at the World Benchmarking Alliance, Rémi BUSSAC, Senior Policy Advisor at EDF and Julien GASC, Climate manager at SéchéEnvironnement.
    • Replay (from 5:26)


  • ACT Finance :
    • “How to implement the financial sector’s “Net Zero” commitments to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050?”
    • Modarated by Marine Gombert, Finance ClimAct Coordinator from ADEME
    • Speakers: Jean Jouzel, Former Vice-Chairman of the IPCC, Anatole Métais-Grollier, ACT Finance Coordinator from ADEME, Stephanie Chow, Transition Finance Director from GFANZ, Raphaël Lebel, Sustainable Finance Observatory’s Director from Paris Sustainable Finance Institute, Karen Degouve, Sustainable Finance Director from the French Banking Federation and Erick Decker, CFO from Axa Groupe.
    • Replay (from 2:00:00)