ACT in Latin America

ACT, an international initiative with local implementations

ACT provides sectoral methodologies as an accountability framework to drive corporate climate actions and align their strategies with relevant and ambitious low-carbon pathways.

ACT is an international initiative engaging with organisations globally to support setting up local ecosystems. Contact us if you are interested in setting up and leading an ACT ecosystem in your country.

ACT aims at supporting companies worldwide to contribute to global carbon neutrality through partnerships development such as the ACT – Deep Decarbonisation Pathway project.

The ACT-DDP Project

The ACT-DDP Project seeks to guide Mexican and Brazilian companies from high emitting sectors on their low-carbon transition specific to their national context. This will enable greater communication between state and non-state actors to drive sectoral decarbonization by 2050 and further companies’ understanding on the need for transition. 

The project will focus on pilot companies’ decarbonization strategies through:

  • A company assessment, using ACT sectoral methodologies, of their low-carbon transition against ambitious sectoral decarbonisation pathways, using the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Initiative multi-scenario approach.
  • Participation in the multi-stakeholders process to develop the sectoral and national decarbonisation pathways. Through this process, stakeholders identify key structural transformations needed to transition to a 1.5°C world. 

Countries and selected sectors

The ACT-DDP project aims to engage pioneering companies and relevant stakeholders from these sectors of activity

Two innovative and complementary initiatives

The ACT and DDP initiatives aim to enhance the collective ambition of reducing greenhouse gases emissions. Through their collaboration, the initiatives build, illustrate and promote tools enabling companies, policymakers, investors, and other relevant sectoral and national actors to develop low-carbon strategies

For more information on the DDP initiative

Benefit for companies

ACT methodologies and tools are the only international climate accountability framework that can be used to develop credible and ambitious decarbonisation strategies

Signing up

Read through the Call for Proposals and Terms of References; return the completed Terms of References including the Application Form to by February 15, 2021.
Download Call for Proposals in English [EN] Spanish [ES] or Portuguese [PT] (.pdf)
Download Terms of References in English [EN] Spanish [ES] or Portuguese [PT] (.docx)


Watch the below webinar in Portuguese or Spanish to learn more about the project’s partners, activities, benefits, and conditions of participation.

ACT-DDP Brazil

Assessing Low Carbon Transition | Brasil | 29 may 2020

ACT-DDP Mexico

Assessing Low Carbon Transition | Mexico | 29 may 2020