Develop your low-carbon strategy. From current practice to transition plan implementation.

The ACT Step by Step methodology addresses the need of companies, no matter their size and sector of activities, to develop coherent low carbon strategies and implement relevant action plans.


Training sessions

Fully facilitated training sessions (currently remote) are available delivered by trained facilitators involved in the ACT Step by Step methodology development.

  • For details on the program and to register for the next training sessions for company representatives (ACT Step by Step coordinator), please contact us
  • For details on the program and to register for the next training sessions for consultants (ACT Step by Step advisor), please contact us

Tools licenses

Although you will get a chance to use the tools during the training sessions, once you start an ACT Step by Step implementation project you will need to take the corresponding tool licenses.

  • Tool licenses are free for companies implementing the methodology internally (not commercializing services or products related to ACT Step by Step)
  • Tools licenses costs start from 1000€/year for consultancies. Contact us for more details and to get your license.


You can already discover ACT Step by Step Methodology and find out which actions would be implemented to develop a low-carbon strategy and corresponding transition plan. If you want to understand how this methodology has been developed watch the recording of the development project webinars.

Communicate your progress

If you want to make public your engagement with ACT Step by Step, the recognition system is there to meet your needs: a three checkpoints process with third party review of predefined documents available in the ACT Step by Step toolbox. This is a paid service that ensures your company’s full benefits from the implementation of the ACT Step by Step method. Costs is around 3000€. Contact us for more details and have a look at the ACT Step by Step Presentation document available in the below section.

Methodology development project

You’ll find below documents introducing and framing the Step by Step methodology. 

ACT Step by Step Presentation

This document is a standalone presentation of the ACT Step by Step methodology, toolboxes (Progress Grid, Carbon Performance Tool and Strategy Tool), progress recognition system and practical information for implementation. 

ACT step by step presentation

ACT Step by Step Mapping Table

This document identifies the potential co-benefits for a company from improving due to the ACT criteria in conjunction with disclosing using other standards (GRI, TCFD, CDP, SBT, ISO14001).

ACT Step by Step Mapping table (.xlsx)

Understand the approach

Watch the below videos on the methodology development project. 

As any ACT methodologies, ACT Step by Step was developed involving a range of stakeholders including businesses. Eight public workshops were organised covering key aspects of the methodology including progress monitoring and carbon performance tools.
The recognition system and ACT community are also discussed.

 Frequently Asked Questions – based on the ACT Step by Step webinar “Development project results” Q&A – January 2021 

Find an ACT Step by Step Advisor

ACT methodologies are an effective tool for initiating a contibuous improvement process with a global approach on the subject of climate change mitigation"

Paco Vadillo, Engineer, Sustainable Real Estate Project Manager, Wild Trees.