ACT, an international initiative with local implementations

ACT provides sectoral methodologies as an accountability framework to drive corporate climate actions and align their strategies with relevant and ambitious low-carbon pathways.

ACT is an international initiative engaging with organisations globally to support setting up local ecosystems. Contact us if you are interested in setting up and leading an ACT ecosystem in your country.

ACT aims at supporting companies worldwide to contribute to global carbon neutrality through partnerships development.

A methodology supporting Japan's ambition for net-zero

Following the active participation of several Japanese companies in the ACT methodology development and road tests, ACT has been actively promoted in Japan since 2022, as a response to the growing local need for guidance to establish comprehensive transition plans, supporting the achievement of corporate decarbonization goals.

Visibility and recognition of ACT in Japan are supported by two main channels:

ACT activities in Japan

With its partners, the ACT Initiative aims at supporting an accelerated and concrete transition of the Japanese economy towards low-carbon models. Activities include organization of events and workshops, localization of documentation (translation to Japanese), and coordination with other local stakeholders including industrial companies, financial institutions, and local governments.

  • For updates about the ACT program in Japan, visit the dedicated news section on our partner’s website: ACT In Japan – News
  • For resources about ACT in Japanese (promotion leaflets, maturity diagnosis), visit the dedicated hub on our partner’s website: ACT 診断とリフレット
  • For more information about the ACT program in Japan, please contact our local partner Codo Advisory:

Benefit for companies

ACT methodologies and tools are the only international climate accountability framework that can be used to develop credible and ambitious decarbonisation strategies