Companies engaged

Companies are central to the transformation of society
and have a key role to play in the transition to the low carbon economy.

Conscious of the current paradigm shift and desiring to play a role in it, thousands of companies mobilised during COP21 to make robust commitments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and to transform their business model.
To continue to move forward and adopt increasingly ambitious long term emissions pathways, putting us on the path towards 1.5/ 2ºC, in the spirit of transparency and trust that characterised the Paris Agreement, it is essential we are able to assess the credibility of corporate climate strategies and the consistency of their commitments. This is what ACT’s holistic and sector-based assessment methodologies offer. This remarkable and highly promising tool, deserves that as many companies as possible adopt it, implement it and refine it, for it to eventually become a real driver of change.

Laurence Tubiana Climate Champion


CO2 emissions have increased by 1000% during the last century. It is critical that we reverse this pattern.

Carbon accounting has become a must for organizations mindful of the climate impact of their activities. However, practices in accounting and disclosing GHG emissions are different from one company to another and global emissions are still growing. We will take a holistic view of a company’s operational impacts and dependencies, as well as of its supply chain. The ultimate goal is to drive action by companies and put them on a 2°C compatible pathway.

The ACT – Assessing low-Carbon Transition® initiative assesses how ready an organization is to transition to the low-carbon economy using a future-oriented, sector specifïc methodology. It is the natural next step to bring accountability to the growing number of actions that organizations are taking to tackle climate change.

Since the pilot project launched in 2015 by the founders – ADEME and CDP – ACT has received the backing of companies, investors and government departments

ACT is a joint voluntary initiative of the UNFCCC secretariat Global Climate Agenda.
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