If Paris Agreement's mitigation goal was a marathon?

What if a company sets relevant GHG reduction targets but inconsistently invests in GHG intensive assets and grows its production faster than its GHG reduction? That might lead to no actual GHG reduction at all, aka setting target but missing the goal!

Carbon neutrality is a marathon for which it’s better to have the relevant equipment and training program to run and end the race.

Setting GHG reduction targets aligned with demanding decarbonisation scenarios should not be just another brick in the company’s GHG disclosure wall. It should lead to actual strategic shifts towards a low carbon economy.

Quantifying GHG emissions and setting GHG reduction targets should be the stepping stones to support and develop a relevant decarbonisation strategy with an associated transition plan and roadmap.

ACT uses measurement as input data. Reporting and commitment are good practices valued in ACT.

Measurement is the first step to reducing environmental impacts, on the basis that 'what gets measured gets managed'. A complete inventory of GHG emissions helps organizations understand their emissions profile and identify opportunities for emissions reduction.


Transparent reporting consistent with climate standards is essential to achieving a low-carbon economy. Stakeholders can hold transparent organizations accountable for their performance, and sharing information brings opportunities to collaborate along the value chain.


Public commitments provide a clear sense of direction to an organization and its stakeholders. Setting science-based targets and defining the appropriate means to achieve them lays out the pathway to meaningful climate action.


Accountability is needed to ensure the commitments of companies deliver the low carbon economy.
ACT uses climate transition scenarios to define the specific level of ambition required for each sector.

For early-stage companies that wish to develop a low carbon strategy.

For companies that have science based targets or a transition plan ready to be tested.

ACT is a welcomed initiative as it takes a holitic approach to corporates decarbonization and goes beyond transparency requiremens to ensure the companies' performance and alignment with a low-carbon transition"

Charlotte Gardes, Deputy Head of the Financial Stability, French Finance Ministry.

So what does ACT provide ?

Developed with businesses and key sectors’ stakeholders, ACT methodologies and tools represent the only international climate accountability system to support companies’ progress by developing coherent and yet ambitious decarbonisation strategies and providing independent assessment. The ACT Framework answers 5 key questions regarding companies climate strategies: 


Has your company committed to a low-carbon future vision?

Are your emissions reduction targets ambitious enough to get there?

How quickly are you planning to act?


Do you have a transition plan to achieve your low-carbon vision?

Will it drive the evolution of your business?


Does your current strategy lead to a decrease in emissions in the short-term?

Are your investment decisions today made with the long-term future in mind?


How does the business decisions you made in the past influence your emissions trajectory?


Is your business strategy consistent with your emissions reduction targets?

Do any of your activities undermine your ability to reach a low-carbon future?

Corporate Climate Strategy

Targets, Material Investment, R&D, Sold Product Performance, Management, Supplier Engagement, Clients Engagement, Policy Engagement, Business Model

The ACT assessment provided us very interesting and useful feedback on our carbon strategy. In particular, the quantitative assessment of emissions reduction targets is a valuable input into our ongoing process of defining a new low carbon strategy and management process.”

Jean-Philippe Hermine, Environment, Strategy and Planification Director, Renault.

ACT Adaptation methodology experimentation

The ACT Initiative is launching in Q2 2022 an experimentation of its complementary method addressing corporate climate adaptation accountability.

Indeed, despite recommendations from TCFD and the Europe Commission work on CSRD standards, there is no framework covering adaptation issues for companies. 

Watch the replay of our webinar to learn all things about ACT Adaptation methodology, the benefits for companies to join the experimentation and the schedule for this project.

Read the new ACT Adaptation Methodology.

How can ACT help your company?

Your journey with ACT
towards a low carbon alignment with the Paris Agreement

Participating companies

ACT is an international initiative engaging with stakeholders globally including companies. Through co-founder ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, ACT has successfully engaged with French companies, including through the French voluntary program, are well represented as participating companies. 

ACT aims at supporting companies worldwide to contribute to global carbon neutrality through partnerships development such as the ACT – Deep Decarbonisation Pathway project.

Contact us if you are interested in setting up an ACT project in your region. 

ACT provides a framework to understand what type of information to seek in order to position the level of advancement of our clients.”

Thuy-Tien Gluck, Head of Corporate Sustainability, HSBC Continental Europe.

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Oil&gasEnterprise Products PartnersRated 2021: 0,4E-Enterprise Products PartnersUS
Oil&gasEOG Resources Rated 2021: 2,9E-EOG Resources US
Electric utilitiesE.ONRated 2020: 7,1/20 B +E.ONFR
Oil&gasPetroecuadorRated 2021: 0,4E-PetroecuadorEC
CementEQIOMMethodology developmentEQIOMFR
Oil&gasEquinorMethodology development, Methodology roadtest, Rated 2021: 4,9C=EquinorNO
Electric utilitiesEskom HoldingsRated 2020: 4,9/20 E -Eskom HoldingsZA
TransportEurotunnelMethodology roadtestEurotunnel
Electric utilitiesExelon CorporationRated 2020: 5,3/20 B -Exelon CorporationUS
ChemicalsExxonmobil Chemical FranceMethodology roadtestExxonmobil Chemical France
GenericSetforgeACT step by stepSetforge
Auto ManufacturerFiat Chrysler Automobiles NVRated 2020: 3,5/20Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NVGB
TransportFedexMethodology developmentFedex
Pulp & PaperFEFCOMethodology developmentFEFCOBE
ChemicalsFirmenich IncorporatedMethodology development, Methodology roadtestFirmenich IncorporatedCH
Agri & Agro foodFleury MichonMethodology roadtestFleury MichonFR
Auto ManufacturerFord Motor CompanyRated 2020: 9,2/20Ford Motor CompanyUS
Electric utilitiesFortumRated 2020: 9,2/20 E -FortumFI
TransportFerrovie dello stato italianeMethodology development, Methodology roadtestFerrovie dello stato italiane
Building ConstructionGA ConstructionRatedGA Construction
Oil&gasGAIL (India)Rated 2021: 1,3E-GAIL (India)IN
Oil&gasGalpMethodology development, Methodology roadtest, Rated 2021: 4,3C=GalpPT
Oil&gasGazpromRated 2021: 2,3E-GazpromRU
Agri & Agro foodGeneral Mills Inc.Methodology developmentGeneral Mills Inc.US
Auto ManufacturerSuzuki Motor CorporationRated 2020: 5,5/20Suzuki Motor CorporationJP
Auto ManufacturerGeneral MotorsMethodology roadtest, Rated 2020: 8,9/20General MotorsUS
GenericEcole Management de GrenobleACT step by stepEcole Management de Grenoble
Electric utilitiesRWERated 2020: 8,9/20 D =RWEFR
Agri & Agro foodGroupe BelMethodology roadtestGroupe BelFR
GenericGroupe GilbertACT step by stepGroupe Gilbert
GenericIDEAACT step by stepIDEA
Auto ManufacturerGroupe PSAMethodology roadtest, Rated 2020: 12,2/20Groupe PSAFR
BuildingGroupe RéalitésMethodology roadtestGroupe RéalitésFR
Building ConstructionGSE GroupRatedGSE Group
TransportGroupe GuisnelMethodology roadtestGroupe Guisnel
Auto ManufacturerGreat Wall Motor CompanyRated 2020: 6,4/20 D +Great Wall Motor CompanyCN
GenericHarmonie MutuelleACT step by stepHarmonie Mutuelle
Oil&gasENEOS HoldingsRated 2021: 2,6C=ENEOS HoldingsJP
CementHeidelbergCement Methodology developmentHeidelbergCement FR
Oil&gasHellenic PetroleumRated 2021: 3,7D-Hellenic PetroleumGR
Oil&gasHess Corporation Rated 2021: 2,6E-Hess Corporation US
Auto ManufacturerHondaMethodology roadtest, Rated 2020: 7,3/20HondaJP
ChemicalsHuntsmanMethodology roadtestHuntsman
AluminiumHydroMethodology developmentHydroFR
Auto ManufacturerHyundai Motor CoRated 2020: 9,7/20Hyundai Motor CoKR
Auto ManufacturerIan motionMethodology roadtestIan motionFR
Pulp & PaperIbemaMethodology developmentIbemaBR
Pulp & PaperIbemaMethodology roadtestIbema
Electric utilitiesIberdrolaRated 2020: 11,7/20 B -IberdrolaES
BuildingICADEMethodology development, Methodology roadtestICADEFR
BuildingICADEMethodology roadtestICADE
Real EstateICF HabitatRatedICF Habitat
Oil&gasIdemitsu KosanRated 2021: 1,8E-Idemitsu KosanJP
ChemicalsInovynMethodology developmentInovynGB
Oil&gasInpex Rated 2021: 1,6D-Inpex JP
Electric utilitiesInter RAORated 2020: 4,8/20 E -Inter RAORU
Agri & Agro foodInVivoMethodology developmentInVivoFR
Agri & Agro foodITC LtdMethodology developmentITC LtdIN
RetailJFRMethodology roadtestJFR
Iron & SteelJindal Stainless LtdMethodology developmentJindal Stainless Ltd
Iron & SteelJSW Steel LtdMethodology developmentJSW Steel Ltd
CementJSW Cement Ltd.Methodology roadtestJSW Cement Ltd.IN
ChemicalsKemiraMethodology development, Methodology roadtestKemiraFI
TransportKeolisMethodology roadtestKeolis
Electric utilitiesKansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO)Rated 2020: 9,1/20 D -Kansai Electric Power Company (KEPCO)JP
GenericKersiaACT step by stepKersia
RetailKeskoMethodology roadtestKesko
Auto ManufacturerKia Motors CorporationRated 2020: 8,5/20 D -Kia Motors CorporationKR
GlassKnauf InsulationMethodology roadtestKnauf Insulation
Oil&gasKuwait Petroleum Corporation (Q8)Rated 2021: 1E-Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (Q8)KW
Electric utilitiesKyushu Electric PowerRated 2020: 9,4/20 D -Kyushu Electric PowerJP
CementLafargeHolcimMethodology development, Methodology roadtestLafargeHolcimCH
TransportLa PosteMethodology roadtestLa Poste
Agri & Agro foodLéa NatureMethodology roadtestLéa NatureFR
RetailLegallaisMethodology roadtestLegallais
Oil&gasLukoilRated 2021: 2,1E-LukoilRU
TransportAéroports de LyonMethodology developmentAéroports de Lyon
RetailLyreco FranceMethodology roadtestLyreco France
RetailSystèmes UACT step by stepSystèmes U
Auto ManufacturerMahindra & MahindraRated 2020: 8,5/20 B -Mahindra & MahindraIN
RetailMaisons du MondeMethodology roadtestMaisons du Monde
Oil&gasMarathon Oil Rated 2021: 3,3E-Marathon Oil US
Oil&gasMarathon Petroleum CorporationRated 2021: 4,4D=Marathon Petroleum CorporationUS
Auto ManufacturerMazda Motor CorporationRated 2020: 4,9/20Mazda Motor CorporationJP
TransportMichelinMethodology developmentMichelin
Auto ManufacturerMitsubishi Motors CorporationRated 2020: 6,5/20Mitsubishi Motors CorporationJP
ChemicalsThe Mosaic CompanyMethodology developmentThe Mosaic CompanyUS
GenericMXACT step by stepMX
Oil&gasNaftogazRated 2021: 1,7E-NaftogazUA
RetailNature et DécouvertesRatedNature et Découvertes
Oil&gasNaturgy EnergyRated 2021: 6,8C+Naturgy EnergyES
BuildingNeotoaMethodology roadtestNeotoaFR
Oil&gasNesteRated 2021: 8,1B=NesteFI
Agri & Agro foodNestléMethodology developmentNestléCH
Agri & Agro foodNestlé WatersMethodology developmentNestlé WatersCH
BuildingNexityMethodology developmentNexityFR
BuildingNexityMethodology roadtestNexity
ChemicalsNippon PaintMethodology development, Methodology roadtestNippon PaintJP
Auto ManufacturerNissan Motor Co., Ltd.Rated 2020: 7,1/20Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.JP
Oil&gasNigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)Rated 2021: 0,7E-Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)NG
Oil&gasNovatek Rated 2021: 1,1E-Novatek RU
Electric utilitiesnrgMethodology roadtest, Ratednrg
GlassNSGMethodology roadtestNSG
Electric utilitiesNTPCRated 2020: 4,3/20 E =NTPCIN
TransportODC MarineMethodology developmentODC Marine
GlassO-IMethodology development, Methodology roadtestO-IUS
Oil&gasOMVRated 2021: 3,7D-OMVAT
Oil&gasOil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)Rated 2021: 1,3E-Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC)IN
Electric utilitiesOrigin EnergyMethodology roadtest, Rated 2020: 7,3/20 D -Origin EnergyAU
Oil&gasOrigin EnergyRated 2021: 7,3D-Origin EnergyAU
Oil&gasPolski Koncern Naftowy Orlen (PKN Orlen)Rated 2021: 2,1D-Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen (PKN Orlen)PL
TransportBlablabusMethodology developmentBlablabus
GlassOwens CorningMethodology developmentOwens CorningUS
Oil&gasOccidental PetroleumRated 2021: 2,9E-Occidental PetroleumUS
Pulp & PaperPaprecMethodology developmentPaprecFR
TransportAéroports de ParisMethodology developmentAéroports de Paris
Oil&gasPBF Energy Rated 2021: 0E-PBF Energy US
Oil&gasPetroleum Development Oman (PDO)Rated 2021: 1,2E-Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)OM
Oil&gasPetroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)Rated 2021: 0,6E-Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex)MX
Real EstatePerialRatedPerial
BuildingPerialMethodology developmentPerialFR
Oil&gasPetroliam Nasional Bhd (PETRONAS)Rated 2021: 1,9E-Petroliam Nasional Bhd (PETRONAS)MY
Oil&gasPetroSARated 2021: 0,5E-PetroSAZA
Electric utilitiesPacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)Rated 2020: 4,5/20 D -Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E)US
Oil&gasPhillips 66Rated 2021: 1,1E-Phillips 66US
GenericPôle EmploiRatedPôle Emploi
GenericPosson PackagingACT step by stepPosson Packaging
Oil&gasPrimaGazMethodology development, Methodology roadtestPrimaGaz
Oil&gasPTTRated 2021: 3,3E-PTTTH
GlassPyrexMethodology development, Methodology roadtestPyrexFR
TransportRATPMethodology developmentRATP
Oil&gasREPSOLMethodology development, Rated 2021: 5C=REPSOLES
GenericRestoriaACT step by stepRestoria
Agri & Agro foodRoquetteMethodology developmentRoquetteFR
Oil&gasRosneftRated 2021: 1,5E-RosneftRU
Agri & Agro foodRoyal CaninMethodology roadtestRoyal CaninFR
Oil&gasRubis EnergieMethodology roadtestRubis Energie
TransportSAFRANMethodology developmentSAFRAN
Auto ManufacturerSaic Motor CorporationRated 2020: 9,9/20Saic Motor CorporationCN
GenericSainte-LucieACT step by stepSainte-Lucie
Iron & SteelSaint Gobain GroupMethodology developmentSaint Gobain Group
BuildingSaint-GobainMethodology development, Methodology roadtestSaint-GobainFR
GlassSaint-GobainMethodology development, Methodology roadtestSaint-GobainFR
RetailSamseMethodology roadtestSamse
Oil&gasSantos Rated 2021: 1,6D-Santos AU
Oil&gasSarasRated 2021: 1,4D-SarasIT
Oil&gasSasolRated 2021: 3,1E-SasolZA
Electric utilitiesSaudi Electricity Company (SEC)Rated 2020: 2,6/20 E -Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)ZA
Oil&gasShellMethodology development, Methodology roadtest, Rated 2021: 3,4C=ShellNL
GenericSigma InformatiqueACT step by stepSigma Informatique
GenericSKFACT step by stepSKF
TransportSNCFMethodology development, Methodology roadtestSNCF
TransportSNCF logisticsMethodology developmentSNCF logistics
Oil&gasSonangolRated 2021: 1,1E-SonangolAO
Electric utilitiesSouthern CoRated 2020: 9,0/20 D -Southern CoUS
GlassStoelzle MasnieresMethodology developmentStoelzle MasnieresFR
Pulp & PaperStora Enso OyjMethodology developmentStora Enso OyjFI
Auto ManufacturerSubaru CorporationRated 2020: 5,1/20Subaru CorporationJP
Oil&gasSuncor Energy Rated 2021: 3,4E-Suncor Energy CA
Oil&gasSurgutneftegasRated 2021: 0,5E-SurgutneftegasRU
Pulp & PaperSuzano Papel & CeluloseMethodology developmentSuzano Papel & CeluloseBR
Pulp & PaperSuzanoMethodology roadtestSuzano
ChemicalsSynthosMethodology developmentSynthosPL
TransportTransports TABMethodology roadtestTransports TAB
Electric utilitiesTaiwan Power CompanyRated 2020: 5,0/20 E =Taiwan Power CompanyTW
RetailTape à l'œilMethodology roadtestTape à l'œil
Oil&gasTarga ResourcesRated 2021: 1,5E-Targa ResourcesUS
Auto ManufacturerTata MotorsRated 2020: 11,3/20Tata MotorsIN
Iron & SteelTata Steel LtdMethodology developmentTata Steel Ltd
Oil&gasTatneftRated 2021: 2,2E-TatneftRU
Electric utilitiesTokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)Rated 2020: 6,1/20 E -Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO)JP
Auto ManufacturerTesla Motors, Inc.Rated 2020: 11,7/20Tesla Motors, Inc.US
TransportThalysMethodology developmentThalys
RetailThermador GroupeMethodology roadtestThermador Groupe
RetailThe WharehouseMethodology roadtestThe Wharehouse
Electric utilitiesTenaga NasionalRated 2020: 5,1/20 D =Tenaga NasionalMY
Electric utilitiesTohoku Electric PowerRated 2020: 9,7/20 D =Tohoku Electric PowerJP
Oil&gasTotalMethodology development, Methodology roadtest, Rated 2021: 6,1C=TotalFR
RetailToupargelMethodology roadtestToupargel
TransportTOWTMethodology roadtestTOWT
TransportTransdevMethodology development, Methodology roadtestTransdev
ChemicalsTronoxMethodology roadtestTronox
Oil&gasTullowMethodology roadtestTullow
Oil&gasTürkiye Petrol Rafinerileri Rated 2021: 0,4E-Türkiye Petrol Rafinerileri TR
TransportUCLMethodology developmentUCL
Iron & SteelUgitechMethodology developmentUgitechFR
CementUltraTech CementMethodology roadtestUltraTech CementIN
CementUnicemMethodology developmentUnicemFR
Electric utilitiesUniperMethodology roadtest, Rated 2020: 7,3/20 D =UniperFR
Pulp & PaperUPM-Kymmene CorporationMethodology developmentUPM-Kymmene CorporationFI
Pulp & PaperUPMMethodology roadtestUPM
Oil&gasValero EnergyRated 2021: 3,2E-Valero EnergyUS
Iron & SteelVallourecMethodology developmentVallourecFR
GenericVazard HomeACT step by stepVazard Home
AluminiumVedanta ResourcesMethodology developmentVedanta ResourcesGB
ChemicalsVencorexMethodology developmentVencorexFR
GlassVerallia FranceMethodology development, Methodology roadtestVerallia FranceFR
GlassVerescenceMethodology roadtestVerescence
CementVICATMethodology development, Methodology roadtestVICATFR
BuildingVilogiaMethodology roadtestVilogiaFR
BuildingVinciMethodology developmentVinciFR
BuildingVinci immobilierMethodology roadtestVinci immobilierFR
Electric utilitiesVistra Energy CorpRated 2020: 8,9/20 D +Vistra Energy CorpUS
Oil&gasViva Energy GroupRated 2021: 1,4E-Viva Energy GroupAU
Auto ManufacturerVolkswagen AGRated 2020: 13,2/20Volkswagen AGFR
RetailWalmartMethodology roadtestWalmart
Oil&gasWoodsideMethodology roadtest, Rated 2021: 1,2E-WoodsideAU
RetailWoolworthsMethodology roadtestWoolworths
Electric utilitiesXcel Energy Rated 2020: 12,7/20 C +Xcel Energy US
Agri & Agro foodYara international ASAMethodology developmentYara international ASANO
ChemicalsYaraMethodology developmentYaraNO
Oil&gasYPFRated 2021: 2,8D-YPFAR
Oil&gasUltraparRated 2021: 2,3E-UltraparBR

ACT Assessment results

The ACT rating combines quantitative and qualitative information on companies past, present and projected transition plan to reveal it’s alignment with the low-carbon transition.

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