[ACT Finance Roadtest | updated drafts]

Following public consultation, ADEME shares its updated draft ACT Finance methodologies :   Banks methodology Investors methodology   Contributions from various stakeholders have improved the clarity and consistency of draft methodologies. The main changes are: more detailed definitions helping to capture the low-carbon and transition shares of portfolios; improved qualitative standards for engagement assessment; unified […]

[ACT Tourisme | Lauréats ACT Pas à Pas]

Dans le cadre de Destination France, L’ADEME lance une expérimentation des méthodologies ACT pour le secteur du tourisme. Cette expérimentation fournira aux entreprises du secteur du tourisme un accompagnement gratuit (volet ACT Pas à Pas) pour définir et mettre en œuvre leur stratégie climat au regard de scénarios de transition bas carbone pertinents, ou une évaluation […]

[ACT Public Consultation] – update of Electric Utilities methodology 

Electric Utilities Methodology

The ACT Team launches its Public Consultation to update the Electric Utilities methodology. This methodology was first published in 2019. Now the time has come to update it, to ensure it remains cutting-edge in its ambition, relevance, and comprehensiveness. The consultation will be open for 2 weeks, from 20th March to 31st March 2023, for […]

Annonce des Lauréats de l’Appel à Projet – Opérations collectives

lauréat appel à projet opérations collectives 2023

Suite à l’Appel à Projet ACT destiné aux opérations collectives clôturé le 30 Novembre dernier, l’ADEME a le plaisir d’en annoncer les lauréats. Pour rappel, l’objectif de cet Appel à Projet était de mobiliser et d’accompagner, sous l’impulsion de porteurs de projets, des collectifs d’entreprises dans l’élaboration de leur stratégie de décarbonation et la définition […]

[ACT 4 Finance | Public Consultation]

Act 4 finance 2 methodology

ADEME is launching the ACT 4 Finance public consultation. The consultation is open to every financial sector stakeholder and will end on February 10th. It is the opportunity to: review the full methodology before road-test  check the methodology consistency and clarity get feedback   Contribution process: Option 1: ACT website 1. Download the ACT method […]

[ACT Tourisme | Appel à candidatures]

Dans le cadre de Destination France, L’ADEME lance une expérimentation des méthodologies ACT pour le secteur du tourisme. Depuis la COP21, c’est l’initiative internationale pionnière qui fournit un véritable cadre de responsabilisation climatique des entreprises. Il s’agit d’une occasion unique de bénéficier d’une analyse par une tierce partie de votre stratégie de décarbonation et le […]

Release of the ACT Pulp and Paper methodology!

pulp and paper methodology

The ACT Initiative team is glad to announce the release of the ACT Pulp and Paper methodology! Pulp and Paper is the fourth most energy-intensive industry. According to IEA, it represents 5.6% of the industrial energy consumption. The pulp & paper sector has an important role to play in global decarbonization efforts. The methodology rewards […]

[ACT 4 Finance Roadtest | Call for Applications]

ACT 4 Finance

ADEME is launching a road-test of the ACT methodology (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) for the Finance sector. It is a unique opportunity to benefit from a third-party analysis of your decarbonization strategy and associated transition plan. Over the last 9 months, market-led working groups have developed the ACT methodologies for the banking and investing industries (ACT […]

Release of the ACT Aluminium methodology!

The ACT Initiative is glad to announce the release of the ACT Aluminium methodology! Aluminium industry is currently responsible for 2% of global GHG emissions (1.1 Gt/year), aluminium being the second most-used metal in the world after iron. As aluminium is a key metal, especially in the context of the low-carbon transition, its production is […]

New qualitative indicators

Following the public consultation, we are proud to share the new version of ACT qualitative indicators for module 5 (management), module 6 (supplier engagement), module 7 (client engagement), and module 8 (policy engagement). These new indicators are being integrated into the forthcoming ACT sectoral methodologies (Agriculture and Agrifood, Aluminium, Glass, Chemical, and Pulp&Paper) and in […]