Consultation on Proposed Update of Qualitative Modules

What is this consultation about? The Assessing low-Carbon Transition (ACT) initiative is proposing an update of four of the qualitative modules that form part of the ACT Performance score. These modules appear in the same form in many of the ACT Methodologies, though some have sector-specific elements. The modules proposed to be updated are: Module […]

Release of the ACT Iron & Steel methodology

The ACT Initiative is glad to announce the release of the ACT Iron & Steel methodology! Steel production is highly energy- and emissions-intensive; among heavy industries, the iron and steel sector ranks first when it comes to CO2 emissions, and second when it comes to energy consumption. The low-carbon transition of the Iron & Steel […]

Companies, get your free ACT assessment

ACT assessments provide companies with a feedback report outlining best practice and opportunities for improvement as well as a rating to track progress. These assessments are carried out following sectoral methodology and, from the end of May 2021, Aluminium, Chemicals, Glass and Pulp & Paper companies can pilot test their methodologies through the roadtest. If […]

Practice makes perfect: how road-testing the new ACT sector methodologies brings surprising benefits to companies

The ACT initiative provided more than 100 companies with a confidential assessment of their climate strategy and with training on the methodology used through multiple road-test over the past 5 years free of charge. The individual report summarising key findings and recommendations was particularly appreciated to guide future company efforts towards their low-carbon transition. “The […]

ACT Generic methodology: public consultation

As all companies have their role to play in the low-carbon transition, the ACT initiative developed the ACT Generic methodology which aims to assess the readiness to transition to the low-carbon economy of multi-activity companies as well as companies operating in sectors that will not be covered by ACT sectoral methodologies (see Participate page). ACT […]

Oil & Gas, Transport and Cement companies: ACT call for volunteers

Last chance to join the group of pioneer companies from the Oil & Gas, Transport and Cement sectors road-testing the innovative ACT methodologies which assess the alignment of their low carbon strategy with sectoral decarbonisation pathways. Participating companies will benefit from a free assessment of their low carbon strategies conducted by consultants trained in ACT […]

New methodologies developments: call for volunteers

The ACT initiative will launch sectoral methodologies development for the metal (iron and steel), agriculture and agro-food sectors as well as a generic methodology for conglomerate companies and companies operating in sectors that will not be covered by ACT methodologies (see sign up/consultation page for the list of sectors). This is a unique opportunity to […]

Public consultations

ACT – Assessing low Carbon Transition methodologies for Cement, Oil & Gas and Transport sectors are open for public consultation. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to the only international initiative of the UNFCCC secretariat Global Climate Agenda developing sectoral methodologies as an accountability framework to assess how companies’ strategies and actions contribute to […]

Methodologies roadtest

The ACT initiative is launching the road-test of the ACT methodologies (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) for Cement, Oil & Gas and Transport (transport operators and providers of transport services, for passengers and goods) sectors. This road-test will allow participating companies to benefit from a free assessment of their climate strategies, completed by an ACT-trained consultant, and […]