The ACT Initiative comes to Japan

After local programs in Europe and the Americas, the ACT Initiative is developing from this year its presence in Japan, with the support of local partners. As a first step, ACT co-developers ADEME and CDP introduces the methodology in an event organized in Tokyo on 7th July, for an audience of 100 participants from Japanese […]

ACT- DDP project: final workshops in Brazil and Mexico

The ACT-DDP project aims to support the low-carbon transition of high emitting sectors in Mexico and Brazil. This 2-year collaboration enabled the construction of bottom-up sectoral pathways for Mexico’s urban public transport sector, Brazil’s meat production sector, and cement and power generation sectors in both countries, ans well as the assessment of 20 key Brazilian […]

The ACT initiative at COP26

Advancing corporate decarbonization – public and private synergies and future regulatory frameworks – Hotel Radison Blu Glasgow 5th November 10am-16pm Organized by CETESB and ADEME, this in-person event focuses on Brazil’s Climate Agenda and includes : Introductions and panel moderation from Patrícia Iglecias , President/CEO, CETESB Decarbonization successful stories from 14 Brazilian companies members of […]