Appel à candidatures pour les prestataires PACTE Industrie

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🕛 Clôture le 1er de chaque mois à 12h L’ADEME lance un appel à candidatures pour les prestataires souhaitant accompagner les industriels dans le cadre de PACTE industrie (Programme de Formation et d’Accompagnement à la Transition énergétique et à la décarbonation de l’industrie). Ce programme, financé par les CEE, est porté conjointement par l’ATEE (Association […]

A Christmas conversation – improvements in the EU sector. Some hope?

“Which company performed best this year?” “Ørsted.” “Oh, the same as last year… What about the top ten?” “Well, it’s also the same ten companies as last year but in a slightly different order.” “Nothing new in the Electric Utility transition world then?” “It’s not always about the top performers.” “I am intrigued, what is […]

Utilities are not planning properly for the electricity system of the future: new ACT benchmark by WBA

Transforming electricity systems is crucial to decarbonisation. In 2018, 62.9% of global electricity was still generated from fossil fuels, but low-carbon generation, particularly from wind and solar, is growing significantly. Excitingly, electrification can enable other high emitting sectors such as autos or heat to slash emissions, but only if emissions from electricity generation are reduced. […]

Electric Utility benchmark with ACT by WBA

The World Benchmarking Alliance is using ACT methodologies to conduct its Energy and Climate Benchmark since 2019. The first benchmark was published in December for COP25 and ranked 25 most influent auto manufacturers using their ACT scores. On the July the 6th, WBA will release their new benchmark ranking 50 electric utilities companies based on […]

World Benchmarking Alliance operationalising ACT methodologies

 WBA is developing amongst others the Climate and Energy Benchmark to accelerate the global decarbonisation and energy transformation. By using the Assessing low-Carbon Transition methodologies, this benchmark measures and ranks the most influencial companies across high-emitting industries, including automotive, electric utilities, and oil and gas. The Automotive Benchmark (December 2019) presents the key findings and […]